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Ch. Cinderella of Thai-Mahal (Elli)
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Thats me, Cinderella
I was names after the wonderful girl Cinderella from Disney's "Cinderealla" (1950).

Ich bin eine wunderschöne traditionelle Siamdame in der Farbe chocolate point.
I am a beautiful traditional Siamese cat in chocolate point.

When we get to eat mice or chicks I am in the first row.
Next to eating cuddling is my other passion.
I am too pushy but I make sure my people notice me.
Well sometimes I can me and touch them softly with my head.
If that's not enough I cuddle them with my whole body until they finally cuddle me back ;-)

My nickname is "Elli". Others are "Schnecke", "Flötchen", "Kröti"..

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