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        ThaiMahal Marahute "Huti"      

OSH havanna Marahute, aka Huti

Ich bin die Huti
As a OSH - a oriental short haired in havanna - it is not easy for me here because I am the only one in this color.
But it can also be a blessing because then grandma knows exactly who she is talking about when she says "the brown one" *hihi*

My name comes form the Disney movie Bernhard and Bianca. Here I am the golden eagle Marahute ;-)

But in general I am integrated in the ThaiMahal's and as a teenager I certainly have a lot of nonsense on my mind.

My humans are really excited about my future kittens. When exactly do I get them? I don't know... but they will come for sure at some time.

My nicknames are "Huti", "Quengel", "Nervchen", and in some situations even more. ;-)

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