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OSHa Oriental Shorthair, Our Nala

I am the "little" Nala

I am a gorgeous oriental shorthair in the great color blue.
short: OKH blue

The Disney movie "The Lion's King" is known by everyone.
Simba's best friend is called Nala...
and that is how I got my name.

Well, what can I tell about me:
I am of course very cuddly, kind and I get along with everyone.
Sometimes I am in a crazy mood and run around in the living room, where I turn around like a chinchilla or I bounce agains the couch and so I run the oppisite way again. ;-)
...even when mom always says that I am not very phtogenic because you can not see my color clearly on pictures - I proved her wrong on the photo shooting ;-)

Some of my nicknames are: "Nalababy", "Babylieschen","Mamakind"...


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