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Suspiria Rosamund (Rosie)
  2010 2009 Mommy  

I am Rosie

I am a beautiful Oriental Shorthair (OSH) in the great color fawn.
...actually I always wanted to be an opera singer.
They might send me to a casting soon.. what do you think? ;-)

Over all I love cuddling. I climb up my people so they have to pick me up and love me :-).
The best is when I can feel their heart and their love ;-).

Otherwise I am also one of the wild ones and charm every visitor with my gorgeous green eyes and my character. ;-)

My nickname is "Rosie" because it is so nice and short.
Sometimes they also call me "Tigerkatzitatzi","Mutzi","Mäuselein", "Lieblingskind" ...

Our charming Rosie stays with Pinocchio for always and forever. ;-)
Those two pretty cats found a great new home with lovely peoply.
It is really awesome there. They can enjoy fresh air and it is save for them there :-)

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