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The tomcats that used to give wonderful kittens to us should also be mentioned here.
Some of these cats live with us a pampered cats or they found a new beautiful home.

Gr.Eur.Ch. Pinocchio of Thai-Mahal


I am a beautiful traditional Siamese tomcat
with the rare color cinnamon point.

I am named after Pinocchio, the wodden boy from the woodcarver Gepetto, who was made into a real boy thanks to the blue fairy.

When my hormons don't go crazy, I am the calm point here in our home.
I am connected closely to the babies, even when they are not my own.
Our visitors often think I am the prettiest one and want to take me with them, even though I am not the skinniest one with my 6,4kg.
But therefore I am a big and handsome cat, who inherits not only his deep blue eyes but also his awesome characteristics to his childen.

I do have several nicknames: "Bieni", "Biesiliesi", "Dödeldieter", "Stinkekindchen", "Schmusebär", "Katerkindi" and much more ;-))

Siamese cinnamon-point
SIAo (24k)

dob. 08.05.2008



With a one smiling and one crying eye I had you neutered my sweetheart. But by that you stay with Rosie for always and forever ;-)
These two beautiful cats found a new great home with the best people. They have a great home there. They still can enjoy outdoor run with a save environment. :-)

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World Ch. / Int.Pr. Fuchur of Thai-Mahal


My great color is called cinnamon-point.

I am named after the lovely dragon
who flies around in the NeverEnding Story.

I love to run after my people and talk to them.
When they come down to pick me up or to cuddle me I start purring in advance, just as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Tested FIV/FeLV - negative
Tested HCM - negative

Siamese cinnamon-point
SIAo (24k)


Since I got neutered I live happily with my doughter Moya of Thai-Mahal in a wonderful small family with a dog.

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Cobra des Petites Bavardes (Jerry)


I was born 04.03.2007 and my color is called blue point.

I am named after Jerry, the mouse.
Just here is no Tom, who is chasing me or naging me. ;)

My greatest passion is giving my people thousands of kisses.
Therefore I hold if necassary the head of my people softly, so he couldn't leave.

Special thanks to Marlène, which entrusted us this charmful Cat!

Siamese blue-point
SIAa (24a)

dob. 04.03.2007

Meanwhile I am neutered and I got an awesome and beautiful home, where I can relax without potential cats. I am the number one here, I love it ;-)

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