Siamese old Style / traditional Siamese cinnamon and fawn - Siamese Cattery, - old Style Siamese - Germany

Snapshots and Highlights from our family :-)

Snapshots of our cats and dogs in 2004

Scared? ;-)
Let's cuddle,
this is our place now
Oh, sleeping is sooooo nice...
True... sleeping is 
really niiiice ;-)
What belong to who?
Hey, that's my shoe!
Can't you see that I'm wearing it??
Always standing in line ;-) 
It' like a pitstop
Man, I was really
really tired ;)
Really comfy here
Hey small one, what's going on here?
Are you cocky??
Buhaa.. I'm gonna be a rockstar*rockrock*
...go ahead...
...protect the babies...
...Are you doing it right?...
I'm still learning ;-)


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