Siamese old Style / traditional Siamese cinnamon and fawn - Siamese Cattery, - old Style Siamese - Germany

Snapshots and Highlights from our family :-)

Snapshots of our cats and dogs in 2006

Blllllll missed me *hihi*
Wait you don't want to play with met?
Miammiam.... the sun is soooooo nice
What do you want? Don't come closer!
We are the guards here!
I am a real predator*grrrrr*
Amazing how they all get along- and the difference in size,
here the D-litter (2 day old) and the C-litter about 4 weeks old.
Killing cats*sooo funny...*
ooooooaaaaah yummy;-)
let's get on the top fast -cat in the box*hihi*
Is something inside it??


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