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Delivery information

Before a kitten is allowed to leave his first home and go to another one, many things have to be done for the cat:

Certainly we are interested that our small Siamese babies come to nice people, who take care of the new family member in a lovely and ideal way.
Because of that it's important foor us to meet the interested families to make sure that the necessary requirements are given.

Our animals are free of leucosis,
entirely healthy, which is always proven by our
contant health checks that we do on all of our animals.

Everyone, who is interested in one of our Siamese cats or Thai cats, is invited to our home because we want the future owner to have an image of the life in our cat pack. From the day they were born our babys grow up with us as their family members. We place value on the socialisation that is created that. Cage system housing is no solution for us!

From the beginning our kitten get varying and healthy food of high quality, which won't make many problems when they might get other food at their new home. The costs for the purchase of a Thai cat are not finished with the buying price. Several important ascpects have to be considered: the food and the surrouding.
Even here many requirement for the cat have to be done beforehand.
We're happy to support you with important advices and buying information.

We recommend, that a Thai cats lives together with another cat. This cat breed is looking for another friend they can play and spend their time with.
It doesn't matter if the second cat is a Thai cat or another breed.
In an ideal situation, sibblings from the same litter move to a new home together.

Normally our kittens leave us after 16 weeks neutered early.

Of course our kittens are dewormed, vaccinated 2x against cat flu and 2x against cat plague. We can also do the vaccination against rabies and leucosis.

Furthermore we put emphasis on the contact to pur proud cat parents.
For us it's not finished with the sell of the kittens.
It's important for us to stay in contact with the famlies we gave our small ones to.

Also we always help the future families with problems and information!

We don't sell kittens through the internet.
Our website is only here, to give you an impression of us, our cats and the surrounding they live in. On top of that you have the opportunity to find helpful tips and tricks or to stay in contact with us.

Especially when you already chose a small kitten and you don't live in our area, it's exciting to look at the new pictures, that we upload constantly to track how your future family member developes.

Are you interested in our kittens, don't hesitate to contact us by e-Mail.
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