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Siamese blue point, ThaiMahal xxx

My name is Yummi

I am a great Siamese tomcat in blue-point.

In case you want to know: I am the world champion in cuddling :-)

I raised my humans perfectly. As soon as somebody enters the room I run the to them and start purring...
they don't have a choice and pick me up to cuddle with me. When they ignore me it might happen that I just jump on their shoulder.
Nice trick hm? ;-)

Of course I am the magician ;-)
We are really corious if I can conjure some fantastic kittens in 2020.

My nicknames hmmm.. I got so many that no names comes into my mind right now..ah I remember some.
For example "Nervchen", "Brummelchen", "Stinkekind"... ;-) ;-)

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